Managing websites is not merely optimizing the right terms in natural and pay per click searches but ensuring that the two work together. A common misconception is that there are tricks one can use in search engine marketing. In reality, there is no such thing as tricks in search engine marketing, which is in fact very similar to marketing in general. More often it is about getting the word about your products and services out, keeping the site updated with fresh content and generally ensuring that visitors recommend the site to others.

It will help if you attempt to make your site social media compatible by offering relevant information and news on the latest developments in the niche you are present in. These tactics when done by a digital agency are great marketing tools that help you to market your site to targeted audience effectively.

Search engine optimization and Pay per click strategies should compliment each other and not contradict each other.

You can ensure this by keeping a close watch on the terms that convert to leads on pay per click and the terms that bring traffic naturally to your website. If your websites appear on the first page naturally and on paid listings, it gives you an opportunity to advertise an additional message to the user. This will also keep your paid search budget well within your control.

If you notice that your natural ranking is consistently higher it means that your page is doing extremely well in Google’s complex Quality Score algorithm. This will result in making your PPC bidding lower compared to others in the same position and control your marketing budget.

Search marketing also has some technical aspects similar to other types of marketing activities. The website should have rich and updated content that is unique. Make sure the server is configured correctly and indexed. Search marketing requires all the efforts that print marketers make to keep production costs down and increase efficiency.

Spreading the word around is important in any marketing activity and search marketing is no exception to it, building links on friendly sites, blog, and other sites related to your sector is one way to do this. Your site becomes a talking point and helps your marketing effort.

Having done all the above it is important to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. A Web analytics package such as Google Analytics, which is free, can help in this. Continuously monitor and track your PPC campaign, test ad groups and landing pages to see if they are targeting effectively. Keep updating the content on the site and get the word out.

Increasing site traffic is not the end you also need to track your conversion rates. If your website has gained an additional 500 hits a month you need to see how many of those additional 500 visitors actually got converted to being your customers.

Find ways to increase traffic and then find ways to increase the conversion rates to make your search engine marketing campaign a success.