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  • The Benefits Of Workplace Drug Testing

    It is to their credit that many employers take a supportive stance with regards to any of their employees who have a drug addiction, such as an ice-addiction. For them, making sure that the employee receives help and is able to attend drug rehab sessions, is far more important than seeking to punish the individual, as is the case with employers who go for immediate dismissal without any reference to what underlying issues might exist.

    Of course, not every employer has a choice, and they may legally be obliged to dismiss an employee who is working under the influence of drugs. This would apply to industries where safety is put at risk by someone whose performance is severely impaired due to drug use, such as an airline pilot or a maternity nurse.

    Carrot or Stick Approach?

    To even get to the point where an employer can act to either discipline an individual or get them started on the route to rehabilitation, they must first be aware that a drug problem exists. It is often unlikely that an employee will volunteer the revelation that they are addicted to drugs, although that does not mean none will. This very much depends whether the company rewards honesty and provides support, or discipline and punishment rule supreme within the company.