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  • 7 Advantages Of Resolving A Commercial Dispute Using Mediation

    7 Advantages Of Resolving A Commercial Dispute Using Mediation

    For every business owner there is the possibility that they may be a party to a commercial dispute with another individual or business, and then need to seek guidance and ultimately representation from a commercial law firm. That representation may manifest itself in a court which will rule upon the dispute.

    Court hearings are never desirable, firstly, because they are so costly. Second, no matter how strong you believe your case is, and how well your commercial lawyers argue that case in court, you are never certain as to whether the court will come down in your favour or that of the other party. For these reasons and others, having to go to court to decide upon a commercial dispute can be extremely stressful for all concerned.

    Thankfully, there are alternatives to going to court, and one which many business owners and commercial lawyers will vouch for is mediation. In effect, mediation is a means of settling commercial disputes informally, and the process is presided over by a third party who is both neutral and independent.

    Mediation is a voluntary process, so it relies on both parties who are in dispute agreeing to it. Unfortunately, this means if the other party is determined to have their day in court, mediation will not be possible. However, when mediation is possible it has several advantages over going to court to settle a commercial dispute, and here are seven of those advantages.