• 7 Ways Modern-Day Commercial Cleaning Is More Eco-Friendly Than Ever

    The threat of global warming and the many environmental issues it creates has meant every industry and business sector has had to change many of their working practices to make them more eco-friendly, and commercial cleaning is included in that.

    What that means is that commercial cleaning companies such as Gleam Clean and the companies they work for have had to alter, remove, or introduce many of the cleaning methods they undertake, as well as consider far more carefully what cleaning products they use, from the most straightforward cleaning cloth to the most powerful industrial floor cleaner, for example. To explain all this further, here are seven ways modern-day commercial cleaning companies are greener than ever.

    Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

    One of the most significant ways that commercial cleaning companies have moved to a greener means of operating is their increased use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, inducing many of the cleaning solutions they supply to their operatives. Gone are the days of harmful chemical cocktails being used, to be replaced with proven safe cleaning products that are just as effective but not harmful to the environment.


  • A Day In The Life Of Web Designers

    A Day In The Life Of Web Designers

    Given human inquisitiveness, we are always keen to learn about other people, whether in a different country, culture, religion, or line of employment. That is why “A Day In The Life Of…” articles are so popular, and so we thought we would satisfy some of that curiosity with this “A Day In The Life Of Web Designers” article.

    As for those who might be interested in reading such an article, we assume them to be anyone considering a career as a web designer, people who are interested in all things relating to creativity or online design, and those who like to absorb as much information as they can, regardless of the subject matter.

    One thing we must point out about a web designer’s day is that it will differ in many ways from lots of other employment types. Given that it involves creativity, technical skills, business acumen, and even a degree of sales ability when trying to secure clients, it is not a role where you can say for certain what each day is going to contain.

    An extreme comparison would be someone who works in a manufacturing facility and who has a specific role in the making of a product. Their job on the assembly line might be vital; however, it is safe to say that each day will more or less include the same tasks to complete, similar problems to resolve, and working with the same people.

    Conversely, web designers will undertake dozens of different tasks as part of the design and creation of a website, no two websites will be the same, and no two clients will have the same requirements. As such, rather than state what a web designer will do each hour of the day, we are going to highlight the main tasks that a web designer may complete as part of any working day.

    Planning And Organisation

    An essential part of any role, and certainly for web designers, is planning and organisation. Web designers will plan their day as to what tasks they are going to complete, arrange meetings, and ensure that they have all the tools and resources necessary to remain on track.


  • 3 Tips For Optimising Your WordPress Website

    Optimising Your WordPress Website

    With the immense amount of resources at your fingertips, creating an attractive WordPress website that looks great has never been easier. However web designers advise that building a website that’s search engine and user friendly is about more than just looks. If your site doesn’t function right, then people won’t hang around and you’ll develop a poor reputation in the web space.

    Luckily for you, there’s a few small things that you can do behind the scenes to improve the performance of your website dramatically. The three tips listed below will help you speed up your website, improve the user experience and ultimately, will help you achieve a lower bounce rate and a higher visitor retention rate.

    1. Make Sure You Use A Good Hosting Provider!

    If you’re running on a tight budget and trying to create a website that doesn’t cost a fortune, then it can be tempting to try and save as much money on hosting as you can. I mean, there’s even a few free WordPress hosting providers out there, so you may as well use them, right?


    Don’t fall into the trap of using a cheap or free hosting provider who doesn’t allocate enough resources to your website and who doesn’t guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. Using a good hosting provider will improve your page load times, will make sure that your website is always accessible and will help improve your reputation in the competitive digital space.


  • 7 Advantages Of Resolving A Commercial Dispute Using Mediation

    7 Advantages Of Resolving A Commercial Dispute Using Mediation

    For every business owner there is the possibility that they may be a party to a commercial dispute with another individual or business, and then need to seek guidance and ultimately representation from a commercial law firm. That representation may manifest itself in a court which will rule upon the dispute.

    Court hearings are never desirable, firstly, because they are so costly. Second, no matter how strong you believe your case is, and how well your commercial lawyers argue that case in court, you are never certain as to whether the court will come down in your favour or that of the other party. For these reasons and others, having to go to court to decide upon a commercial dispute can be extremely stressful for all concerned.

    Thankfully, there are alternatives to going to court, and one which many business owners and commercial lawyers will vouch for is mediation. In effect, mediation is a means of settling commercial disputes informally, and the process is presided over by a third party who is both neutral and independent.

    Mediation is a voluntary process, so it relies on both parties who are in dispute agreeing to it. Unfortunately, this means if the other party is determined to have their day in court, mediation will not be possible. However, when mediation is possible it has several advantages over going to court to settle a commercial dispute, and here are seven of those advantages.


  • 7 Essential Online Tools That Can Enhance Your Family Lawyers Business

    Web Design

    In the work that you do within your family lawyers business, you undoubtedly rely on support from others such as your receptionist, personal assistant or other family lawyers who work with you. This confirms that no matter what you are doing work-related if someone or something can make it easier, you should use them. This certainly applies to online tools which make the running of businesses easier.

    If we listed every tool you could use, we would write a book, not an article. Instead, we are going to highlight seven tools that have proven themselves repeatedly to make running a business easier, including family lawyers businesses. The good news is that many whilst many have paid upgraded versions, most also have free versions which are perfectly adequate.

    Siteground – Website Hosting

    To give potential clients the best first impression your website needs to function well. A huge influence on that performance is the web hosting you use. There are hundreds of hosting companies but the one that is invariably at the top of most hosting review league tables is Siteground whose hosting packages, reliability and features are all exceptional.

    ConvertKit – Email Management

    Email likely plays a huge role in your communication with clients and other third parties. Having a means to create, manage and respond to emails efficiently is important in a family lawyers office, and the email management tool which is #1 for many businesses is ConvertKit. Its email templates, delivery rates and automation tools are first class.

    Trello – Project / Team Management

    Many businesses suffer from spinning plate syndrome where they randomly and haphazardly complete tasks. On the other hand, successful businesses are organised and efficient and this is often due to them using project management software. Whether you work on your own or have a large team, a project management tool like Trello can be invaluable to you.

    Google Docs – File / Document Creation

    The use of documents, spreadsheets and presentation slides play a role in a huge number of businesses, including family lawyers. One of the most popular office suites to provide the means to create, edit and manage all of these is Google docs. This allows you to access your files from any location and the fact it is completely free makes it even more desirable.

    Dropbox – Cloud Storage

    Given the nature of the work a divorce lawyer does, you will undoubtedly have many documents and files which are confidential and must be kept secure. This applies to both physical and digital files. A hugely popular platform for securely storing your digital files is Dropbox which has enhanced encryption technology whilst also making the files accessible to you when you need them.

    Fiverr – Outsourcing

    If you often have tasks that do not require huge knowledge and experience, but which do require significant amounts of time, one solution used by millions of businesses is outsourcing the work. Examples include research, transcribing interviews and proofreading documents. Fiverr is a platform where you will find thousands of willing freelancers capable of doing these tasks for an extremely low fee.

    Hubspot – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Finally, and some would argue the most important tool, we have one which enables you to manage your clients. Great customer service ensures your clients look upon your family lawyers business favourably, and in turn, recommend you to others. HubSpot’s CRM software is the perfect solution to achieve this.

  • The Benefits Of Workplace Drug Testing

    It is to their credit that many employers take a supportive stance with regards to any of their employees who have a drug addiction, such as an ice-addiction. For them, making sure that the employee receives help and is able to attend drug rehab sessions, is far more important than seeking to punish the individual, as is the case with employers who go for immediate dismissal without any reference to what underlying issues might exist.

    Of course, not every employer has a choice, and they may legally be obliged to dismiss an employee who is working under the influence of drugs. This would apply to industries where safety is put at risk by someone whose performance is severely impaired due to drug use, such as an airline pilot or a maternity nurse.

    Carrot or Stick Approach?

    To even get to the point where an employer can act to either discipline an individual or get them started on the route to rehabilitation, they must first be aware that a drug problem exists. It is often unlikely that an employee will volunteer the revelation that they are addicted to drugs, although that does not mean none will. This very much depends whether the company rewards honesty and provides support, or discipline and punishment rule supreme within the company.


  • The Most Common Mistakes with SEO

    Common Mistakes with SEO

    Have you ever started on some SEO work and got a bad feeling that you might be doing something wrong? Here are some mistakes made in SEO from SEO Perth, as well as tips on how to avoid them.

    Not using your homepage

    It is by far your most powerful page because the majority of your inbound links will go there. You also need words on your homepage, and your words have to include your target phrases. You can test what works, trying keywords of varying degrees of difficulty and ambition. It is important to maintain a certain keyword density for your targeted phrases.


  • Advice About SEO Direct From Google’s Own Mouth

    SEO Direct

    For a long as Google began calling the shots when it came to what it takes to rank a website, there have been countless attempts to dissect, understand, and reverse engineer their algorithm. It is seen by many as some kind of magical formula held in a vault, guarded no doubt by a mystical three-headed dog.

    The reality is a lot less exciting and if anyone took time out to read some of the more informed SEO articles and blog posts that have been written, they will discover that most of what Google is looking for in a website, is already out there and available for them to implement.

    This is further evidenced, when you consider that Google themselves are not slow in coming forward to tell all those who pay attention to them, what is driving them in terms of the changes they make to their algorithm. Ok, we may not have every last detail as otherwise, every website would be a clone of all the others, but we do have lots to go on.

    One such example is an announcement came from Google where they outlined three principles by which website owners and SEO experts should be approaching how they seek to rank websites. It was not some intricate formula, but rather advice on how to approach SEO which Google insists fits in with their own philosophy.

    #1 Embrace Google’s Changes Rather Than Fear Them

    Google is always going to be making changes to its algorithm and therefore which ranking factors have more influence. Google’s advice is that rather than being scared of those changes, webmasters and SEO consultants should accept them and use them to their advantage.


  • Choosing The Right Accountant To Complete Your BAS

    Right Accountant

    Running a small business can be complicated. There are a lot of things that you, the business owner, have to think about to make sure that you are compliant with the various rules and regulations surrounding business ownership in Australia. Although registered accountants can be useful at times, it can be hard to decide when to use them.

    Some of the most complicated rules come from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Depending on the type of business you run, you may have to do things like collect and pay GST, lodge Business Activity Statements (BAS) periodically or pay PAYG payments along with your wages. One of the most complex of these is the BAS, something that stresses and worries a lot of business owners in Australia.

    What Is A Business Activity Statement?

    BASs are sent out by the ATO to relevant small businesses either monthly or quarterly. As the owner or manager of a business, it is your responsibility to fill out and submit the BAS. Some of the things which may be found in a BAS include: